New Japanese Maple Arrivals

New Japanese Maple Arrivals

Japanese maples in the hoop house

Spring has been in full swing here at Topiary Gardens for over a month.  After an unusually warm winter, we had one final freeze that reminded us why we keep our trees safe inside the tents and building until May.  That nasty freeze shook some buds off a few trees growing in our gardens, but they’re coming along nicely now—even if they are a little sparse at the moment. The above photo is of one of our hoop houses with the newly leafing out Japanese maples (taken in early May)

Below are some photos of the larger trees that have already started shipping out to their new homes.  Remember, we don’t list everything on our site, so make sure to ask us if you don’t see what your are looking for, or would like a larger Japanese Maple specimen than what we have listed for sale. We can always get just about anything in any size.  If you are looking for a larger sized tree, make sure to ask us early on before they sell out, or so we can put you on a list for next year!

large japanese maple 1

large japanese maple 2

We’ve also begun cleaning out our waterfall garden and Koi pond as seen in the photo below.  You can get a better glimpse of that garden in this video.

Japanese Maple waterfall garden