Beautiful Fall  Japanese Maples

Beautiful Fall Japanese Maples

With the passing of Labor Day, it won’t be long before we see the first Japanese Maples begin to blush with oranges, crimsons, and golds. While most people have to travel in order to enjoy foliage fireworks, with a little careful planning you can ensure that your garden is a kaleidoscope of color from every angle.

Japanese garden fall colors

With so much to think about while planning a new garden in the spring, the autumnal color display can be forgotten. It’s easy to become wrapped up in choosing Japanese maples based on their summer hues, growth habits and mature sizes, but keeping the fall colors in mind is just as important. There’s nothing wrong with a blazing crimson display, but a well-planned garden will glow with golden yellows, flaming oranges, regal starlets and even some deep frosty blues and olive greens from a few carefully placed pines.

Acer Palmatum Royale, Royale Japanese Maple

Japanese maples come in two main colors: green and red. But in the spring and fall, these magnificent trees can produce an endless spectrum of colors. With many thousands of cultivars available, choosing just the right combination for your garden is easier than it seems. If you are stuck between a few different trees that are very similar, let the fall colors be the deciding factor. A tree like Royal (pictured above) will produce a brilliant scarlet red, while Ellen (shown below) will glow golden yellow in the fall sun.  We are always happy to help you select trees that will keep your garden looking beautiful all year round.  If you have a specific color in mind and need some help making a decision, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Japanese Maple Ellen, acer palmatum dissectum