Amagi Shigure Japanese Maple

Amagi Shigure Japanese Maple

Amagi Shigure Japanese MapleAmagi Shigure Japanese Maple Leaves & Bark

Amagi Shigure Japanese maple has some of the most intense brick red colors I’ve seen in a tree. The spring colors have been described as eye-popping fuchsia, shifting to deep brick red with dark greenish black veins. Leaves that are more shaded take on a pale whitish-pink tone with vibrant green reticulation.

The chilly air of autumn brings flushes of red, orange and purple to the foliage.

acer palmatum amagi shigure

Even the bark is amazing on this tree, older branches are a soft dusty gray-brown, while growth from a few years ago will be a pale grayish jade, and new growth will be a deep cherry-brown.  Amagi Shigure Japanese maple is full, but not dense, and slightly leggy in places (which is wonderful, because it gives you plenty of views of that bark)

Amagi Shigure Japanese Maple Leaf

History, Habit & Hardiness

Amagi Shigure Japanese maple was discovered in Japan, and while it resembles ‘Kasagi yama’, it holds it’s color much longer.  It also bears similarity to Purple Ghost from the Buchholz series, but is slightly smaller, and perhaps a bit less vigorous. While the tree is rated by most to be hardy down to -20°F, I find it a bit more delicate, and would recommend sheltering it if your winters dip below -10°F with windchill.

Acer Palmatum Amagi Shigure will grow to about 6 feet high and 3 feet wide in 10 years.

Acer Palmatum Amagi Shigure leaves

If there is only room for a few trees in your yard, I can’t say enough that you must save a spot for this spectacular Japanese Maple!